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GCHS products are used as diluents in doing residual solvent test by GC. Before year 2008 the residual

99.98% * purity chemicals

Resol manufactures pharma grade high purity chemicals solvents

Unique Technology

Resol uses Ion Exchange Technology to give the purest chemicals, please refer About

Distribution & Supply

Resol have appointed authorized agents to supply our products, Please refer Contact

Why Resol?
    Resol specialize only in GCHS grade products such as DMF, DMSO, DMA, DMI, NMP etc. These products are in the liquid form. Many of the raw materials, drug substance and drug products are soluble in these products because of its nature and property. For making GCHS grade we use 99.8% high purity materials and in process removes remaining 0.2% impurities and make the products 100%. For removing 0.2% impurities from the commercial grade material we have developed a unique Ion Exchange Technology.

    Most manufacturers supply their products with impurities of 0.05% or less but we guarantee the highest grade GCHS products. We pride ourselves to offer the best and competitive price in the market.

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