Dear Exhibitor,

Maximise your ROI for exhibiting at the show with Konduko

For this year’s show, your exhibitor package includes a brand new Lead Generation system allowing visitors to collect digital information about your products or company using their Smart Badge !

You are entitled to : 1 Konduko Reader + 1 StandApp license
  • Part of your exhibitor pack, no additional fee.
  • Download our flyer for more information about the Konduko products or see it in action
  • Additional Konduko package can be ordered here

Your benefits
  • Don’t lose any leads even when busy
  • Save on printing and logistic costs
  • Save on post-event administration
  • Instant digital content for your visitors
  • Capturehigh quality sales leads

How does it work?

  • All visitors will be equipped with a Smart Badge that interacts with your Konduko Reader, a badge reader placed on your booth.
  • Your Konduko Reader is placed on your stand, featuring digital content provided by you about specific products or your company information for the visitor to collect.
  • When visitors touch your Reader with their smart badge, their contact details are saved.
  • The visitor will then receive an email at the end of the day containing the information about products or companies they have selected, and you get instant access to their contact details.
  • With the Konduko StandApp, capture and qualify leads from your smartphone. Simply scan a visitor badge, retrieve contact data and add individual notes against each lead.

What’s next?

You will soon get an email from Konduko to activate your online account on the Konduko Cloud and upload content for your Reader(s): brochures, product information, video links, etc. For more information about Konduko, contact: smartEvents@infosalons.aeor download our flyer.