Car Servicing

Maintenance Service We provide periodic preventive maintenance services which involve replacement of all fluids and filters, regular wear and tear components and complete or partial overhaul of the car. The following checks are undertaken during servicing of the car.

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Car Foam Wash

We are proud to offer the very first modern automated car wash in the greater Pune area. Our system only uses pure filtered water for the final rinse of your car so you never have to worry about water spots again. We also recycle and reuse all our water so that we can maintain an environmentally friendly car wash.

  • Washing and Lubrication
  • Car rubbing and polishing
  • Car rubbing and polishing and dry cleaning( add this point in car service also)
  • Engine de-carbonizing( add this point in car service also)
  • Anti-rust treatment
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Computerised Car Diagnosis

It can happen to all of us: a service light on the dashboard indicates a problem. Sometimes it's best to stop immediately and have it towed, sometimes you can continue to drive and see to it later. In any case, when you want your car trouble diagnosed, come to Opti-Ride, the car diagnosis specialist in Pune. We'll tell you what exactly is going on with your car and advise how to remedy the malfunction. Once we identified the nature of the problem, have it fixed by your own mechanic or by us. It's entirely up to you and we are here to help.

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Break-Down Services (24 hours service in 15 to 20 km)

Cater diverse requirements of the clients, we provide Car Breakdown Service that is timely rendered and ensures effective planning of the entire solutions. These services are systematic in nature and are planned as per the individual preferences.Our professional service team of veterans in the crane business is dedicated to ensure an operative crane in your work site and always ready to provide after- sales service, maintenance, relocation to upgrading.

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Global Mechs, the name introduced from 20 year has come a long way in the automobile industry. It is a name and brand in itself. We at Global Mechs believe in dedication, honesty and loyalty towards work and the customers.